Conference Dates: November 10th - 13th, 2022

Our speakers are for YOU! 

We have purposefully designed a conference with multiple keynote speakers to reach all specialties within our diverse organization.  We have found nationally known, leaders in their fields, heroes, and practitioners who are ready to inspire you, share the most current research, or provide you with new tools to use in your own setting.  Here are some highlights: 

Pre Conference - Thursday (11/10) from 1:00 - 4:00 (3 CEs)

Option 1 - TAMCD Preconference:

Title: Restorative Justice: How We Can Keep Our Youth Out of Jail and Build Stronger Communities

Presenter:  Dr. Rena Isen

Description: Research suggests that incarceration as a juvenile is the strongest predictor of incarceration as an adult. Incarcerating juveniles not only leads to recidivism, but it also cuts juveniles off from their families, disrupts their education, and potentially exposes them to even more trauma. Join forensic psychologist Dr. Rena Isen as we discuss how you can use restorative justice practices to prevent recidivism in juveniles, empower crime victims, and rebuild communities. 


Option 2 – TCA Preconference:

Title: The Business of Private Practice

Presenter:  Dr. Lynn and Stephen Jennings

Description: Many times, we are intrigued yet frightened by the idea of private practice.  There are so many war stories, and so many unknowns. Where do we start? What is truly involved in developing a successful private practice?  In this seminar, participants will learn how to find an appropriate space, develop a network, begin the contracting process and develop the necessary tools to build a successful private practice.



Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Rena Isen - “Racial Trauma: The Hidden Danger of Social Media

There has been growing concern about the effects of social media on the mind, especially the minds of our youth, who spend an average of 3 hours a day consuming it. Join Dr. Rena Isen as we discuss a recent rise in racial trauma due to social media use. Although racial trauma has a significant impact on mood, cognition, and behavior, it is often overlooked. We will learn how to identify it, and we will learn what we can do to keep it from debilitating the individuals we serve. 



Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Steve Talbert - “Emerging Trends in School Counseling"

Steve Talbert is the Special Services Counselor, Estacado High School, Lubbock, Texas and the Director /Owner of Better Pathways/Better Path Program Sex Offender Counseling

His session will help participants to identify the most current emerging mental health concerns in the public education setting. The presenter will also explore some theories on the impetus and increasing development behind their emerging concerns. Possible theoretical approaches and various ideas to treatment and interventions will be presented.


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Breakout Sessions

Here is a list of just some of the breakout sessions we have planned for the conference: 

**This list is subject to change**

DSM-5-TR: Updates & Practical Applications for Counselors
No Educator Left Behind: Exploring the Emerging Gap in Supply and Demand of Teachers/School Counselors
Career Counseling in a Post-COVID World: Current Trends, The Great Resignation, and How to Proceed
Dual Enrollment = Dual Success: Proven Strategies to Strengthen your EPSO Programming
Trauma-Informed Supervision: Supervision as an Emergent Collaborative
Emerging from Covid: Rebuilding Communities with Affordable, Scalable, and Diverse Group Supports
Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision
Professionalism and Discrimination against Women
Psychedelics as Change Agents: What Does the Counseling Field Need to Know?
The Mental Pandemic: Understanding Low Self-Efficacy in High School Students
Neuroticism as the Core to the Dimensional Conceptualization of Personality Disorders
Immediate Strategies and Resources for Trauma-Resilient SEL - Let's Hear Student Voices
Multiracial Identity Development - The Infinite Spaces
Mental Health and Resilience Amongst College Students Following Covid19
Substance Use and Other Risk Factors for Female Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence
It's About All Of US: Accomplices to Inclusive Learning Experiences
Examining the Incidence and Prevalence of Acute Stress Disorder in Pediatric Trauma Patients
Counseling Athletes: Mental Skills to Improve Performance
Going Beyond "I'm Fine": Cultivating an Environment Where Students Open Up
Grounding your Work in Trauma Sensitive Practices: Treating Race-Based Trauma in a Turbulent Society
Ethics in Rural Communities: Navigating Boundaries and Dual Relationships in Small Communities
Serving as a Professional Gatekeeper: Supervising Counseling Interns
Psychopharmacological Training for Counselors: An Integrative Approach in Treating Mental Disorders
Help me help you: Assisting counselors in training with managing personal distress for the good of the client
Walking Through the Fire: How to Survive an Ever-Changing Mental Health Field
G.A.L: Grieving All Loss
"And Jesus wept. . ." The nature of religious trauma and pathways to healing
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Relevance to Counselor Supervision



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