Conference Dates: November 9th - 12th, 2023

Our speakers are for YOU! 

We have purposefully designed a conference with multiple keynote speakers to reach all specialties within our diverse organization.  We have found nationally known, leaders in their fields, heroes, and practitioners who are ready to inspire you, share the most current research, or provide you with new tools to use in your own setting.  Here are some highlights: 

Pre-Conference Offerings: 

Pre Conference - Thursday (11/9) from 2:00 - 5:00 (3 CEs)

Option 1: (TnSCA - TN School Counseling Association) (2:00 – 5:00 p.m.)

Speakers:  Eva Gibson, Ed.D. and Mariama Cook Sandifer, Ph.D., LPC, ACS

Title: Leaning Into Leadership 

Summary: ASCA highlights leadership as a critical component of effective programs. School counselors are called to be transformative leaders who address systemic, equitable change in education. Notably, when school counselors embrace their roles as school leaders by effectively working together with principals, they have a positive impact on educational outcomes. Despite this, school counselors often struggle with this area of their professional identity. This session will demonstrate how school counselors can integrate the four leadership contexts (structural leadership, human resource leadership, political leadership, and symbolic leadership) in their practice. Presenters will also provide examples of leadership resources and tips to support counselors in their role as transformational leaders.


Option 2: (TAMCD - TN Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development) (2:00 – 5:00)

Speaker: Jesika Stuart, Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision

Title: Enhancing Multicultural Counseling Competencies: Stepping Forward Together

Summary: This workshop is designed to empower counselors to operationalize their knowledge and deepen their multicultural and social justice competencies. Irrespective of counselors' racial or ethnic backgrounds, multicultural competency work must extend beyond knowledge and language acquisition. As counselors, we have a responsibility to take proactive steps on behalf of our clients and students, both in our daily professional practices and within our broader communities.  

Participants will explore strategies to enhance their cultural competence and embody the principles of Multicultural Social Justice Counseling Competencies (MSJCC). Through self-reflection, practical exercises, and discussions, attendees will learn how to apply these competencies effectively in counseling practice. 

This workshop aligns with TAMCD's commitment to promoting cultural competence, diversity, and social justice in the counseling field, providing a platform for counselors to come together and step forward on their multicultural counseling journey.



Keynote Speaker:  Dr. John Delony “The Importance of Human Connection

Dr. John Delony earned his Bachelor of Arts in humanities and psychology at Lubbock Christian University and his Masters of Education in higher education administration from Texas Tech University. He went on to earn two PhDs from Texas Tech University—one in counselor education and supervision, and the other in higher education administration.


After spending over twenty years in crisis response and leading students in higher education, John knew he wanted to help as many people as possible heal from their past trauma and live whole, connected lives. He now writes, speaks and teaches on relationships, mental health, anxiety and wellness.


Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Aprille Woodson - “Leading the Charge in Professional Counseling through Advocacy"

Dr. Aprille Woodson has an MA in psychology from Regis University, a JD from John Marshall Law School, and a PhD in counselor education & supervisor from Lindsey Wilson College. As the program manager of ethics for the American Counseling Association (ACA), she is the subject matter expert (SME) for ethics and oversees the program portfolio and initiatives that lead to the development of all ethics-related programs, including managing the ethics adjudication process. She is enthusiastic about ethics and seeks to assist mental health clinicians in making knowledge-informed decisions as they navigate the ethical decision-making process. 







Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Tami West - “Who Knocked Over My Cup?"

Get ready for a feisty and engaging keynote with Dr. Tami West! She takes a lighthearted look at the challenges and triumphs of life in general AND of the counseling profession in particular. Sometimes, life's unexpected jolts might knock over our cups, but we'll discuss how these moments can be reframed as opportunities for growth, resilience, and renewed commitment to our work. Tami will share how these practices have operated in her life. Together, you’ll navigate through the spills and refills of your cups, maintaining a sense of humor amidst it all. Expect a blend of storytelling, laughter, and valuable insights that will equip you to fill your cup and continue pouring out your best self into your impactful work in counseling! You’ll leave feeling not just motivated, but celebrated through your shared journey in this rewarding profession.




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Breakout Sessions

Here is a list of just some of the breakout sessions we have planned for the conference: 

**This list is subject to change**

“You Don’t Look Like Me”
A Healthy Relationships Group for College Students with IDD: Group Facilitation Considerations
Accessibility Issues in Private Practice and Competency Needs in Counselor Education for Supporting Persons with Disabilities
An Inconvenient Freedom Regarding Addiction
Anxiety Busters: Utilizing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Address K-12 Student Anxiety
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Counseling: What You Need to Know 
Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls: Lessons Learned from Ethics Experts. 
Becoming Critical of Your Counseling Theory
Behind the Mask: Uncovering Boys' Confidence in Emotional Expression
Better Together: Engaging Parents and Caregivers in the Counseling Process
Brainspotting: A Novel Treatment Modality to Assist Clients Resolve Trauma and Thrive
Caring for the Caregiver: A Family Counseling Approach
Counseling LGBTQ+ Students in Rural Communities Using a Trauma-Informed Approach
Engage for Impact: Strengthening School Counselor and Mental Health Provider Partnerships
Engage with CBT: Thought Records in a Modern World
Engaging Healthcare Providers with Education, Advocacy, and Treatment for Perinatal Bereavement for Infant Loss 
Engaging in Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice
Engaging Treatment: Case Conceptualization's Distinct Significance
Experiential Group Therapy for Treating Addiction and Trauma
Helping Clients Rewire the Traumatized Brain
How to Plan and Execute a Career Day/Career Fair for Students K-12
How We Engage in Social Wellness as Counseling Professionals: A Look at Connection and Support
IYKYKR, Now What?: Identifying Psychosis, Psycho-ed, and Simple Interventions
Job Satisfaction and Burnout among Counselor Educators in the United States.
Let's Engage: Consultation in the Counseling Profession
Mindfulness Techniques for Counseling Athletes
Opportunity In Every Difficulty: Counseling From An Adlerian Perspective
Parallel rehabilitation: moving toward mutually optimal wellness through the gatekeeping process
Positive Childhood Experiences: Engaging the Other Side of ACEs
Professional Boundaries for Counselors Working in Small Communities
Psychedelic-assisted therapy for substance use disorders and behavioral addictions
Silent Cries of Men: Who's Listening
Stigma, Forgiveness, and Quality of Life for Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS and in Recovery from Substance Use
Supervise with Care: How to Become a Self-Care Focused Supervisor
Talking away the dark: Normalizing conversations surrounding suicidality 
The Family that Plays Together: Family Play Therapy Techniques
The Gender Divide in ADHD
The Pause before the Pause: Perimenopause-the Impact on Women in the Field and Mental Health Conditions 
Using Purnell's Metaparadigm to supplement current multi-cultural Counseling Competencies
What Do I Do?: A Panel Focused on Navigating Difficult Client Behaviors in Multiple Settings
Working Together: Navigating the Multiple Levels of Advocacy with and For Our Clients



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