TCA's Purpose in Supporting Research:

TCA’s purpose in supporting research is to increase the knowledge and best practices of counseling through empirical scientific work and to provide support for scholars engaging in this work. By doing so we seek to strengthen the field as a whole and further solidify the connection between research and application.

This support is provided by highlighting the great work being done by our members through presentations, webinars, and conferences each year. As well as providing support and encouragement for our graduate student members as they work toward the completion of their degrees. To this purpose, we additionally promote and support recruitment of participants for active studies by disseminating information provided by researchers to our members.

Procedure:  Please collect the following information and complete this survey here:

  • Name of the requestor (s)
  • Professional Affiliation
  • Name of the project
  • Brief Project description
  • Please attach the instrument or survey
  • Please attach the IRB review/disposition letter

Next Steps:

Upon completion and submission of the survey, the research committee with review the provided information for approval. Please allow no less than 7 business days for the committee to review the survey. If additional information or further clarification of the study is required, you will be contacted by the committee to provide such information. Once your request has been approved the pertinent information and instrument/survey will be provided all current TCA members.


Patrick Murphy, Ph.D., NCC, LPC-MHSP
Assistant Professor
Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Research

[email protected]