What has gone right?



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  • What has gone right?
  • Hold On To Me

This year has been hard, right?  I mean, I can hear the resounding (and probably deafening) "YES” from across the digital landscape!  I was recently on a conference call for the American Counseling Association’s Foundation, where I serve on the Advisory Committee.  We were discussing what themes we wanted to focus on for our micro-grants this year.  Someone mentioned maybe something potentially Covid related, and a committee member spoke up with a statement that shocked us all – can we pause on the trauma and focus on the strengths we have gained? He noted this past year has been universally hard for all of us.  Though the scale of the impact has been different for everyone, it has truly been life-changing for all of us on some level. He noted it is NOT that our past year and a half has not been traumatic – it has been almost universally traumatic.  However, maybe it is time to stop focusing on the trauma and perhaps move forward with a strengths-based approach.


To be honest, we all just paused and some even uttered a prophetic “wow”. 

You know what, I feel it. I have spent so much of my time and energy talking about how hard Covid has been for me.   I have not felt competent in any of my roles (wife, mom, friend, daughter, school counselor, Executive Director, etc.), but I am tired of continuing to focus on how I have failed.  I am ready to focus on where I have gone right!  I mean, my Covid-adopted dog (Jasper - pictured to the right, simply because he is ADORABLE)  and #1 snuggle partner would say that I do things right (particularly when I sit still and stay off of my computer), so why can’t I see this from other perspectives?  Isn’t this what my favorite solution-focused therapist or perhaps a strengths-based therapist would do? 

Well, yes… but aren’t counselors the worst clients?  Yes. 

So, I am ready to use my 21-22 to focus on the strengths I have gained in surviving the past year and a half of my life.  I am ready to celebrate the micro-steps I have made to survive and embrace the purpose they serve in my future year.  Will you join me? 

If you need some inspiration, I want to share my current favorite song – which can currently be found on repeat on my Apple music.  So much so, my kids *may* have asked for a respite from it (*insert loud begging for a reprieve from the backseat of a mini-van) - hahah!  Check out “Hold On To Me” by Lauren Daigle (watch video here).  The opening lyric gets me every time:

When the best of me is barely breathin’
When I’m not somebody I believe in
Hold on to me


So – if you will ‘Hold On To Me’ for another year, I promise to keep you strengths-focused and believing in you!  I was thrilled to see Dr. Nicole Cobb, TCA President for 21-22, echo the same sentiments in her first address to membership: “As we come off the cusp of an unprecedented year, I am humbled and enthusiastic about this time in our history along with the progress being made by counselors in Tennessee.

Here we go TCA… let’s make 21-22 memorable for GREAT reasons! 

Kat Coy

TCA Executive Director


Also – apply here for ACA Foundation grants by 7/15/21 


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