Journal Editorship

Did you know…?  The Tennessee Counseling Association Journal is sponsored by TACES! That’s right! TACES is responsible for reviewing, editing, and preparing the TCA Journal for publication.

The journal is a peer-reviewed journal published online biennially. The purpose of the TCA Journal remains constant: to promote professional growth and creativity of TCA members, Tennessee counselors, counselors nation-wide, and other helping professionals. We hope the empirical research and expository ideas shared in this journal hearten readers to provide best practices to clients, expand notions of counseling, and share innovative counseling strategies with peers.

The target audience for this journal is counselors in all specialty areas, and we invite manuscripts of interest for professionals in all areas of counseling. We welcome manuscripts that: (a) integrate theory and practice, (b) delve into current issues, (c) provide research of interest to counselors in all areas, and (d) describe examples of creative techniques, innovations, and exemplary practices. To access previous journal editions, visit the Tennessee Counseling Association Journal website here.


Editor | Susan Lahey