TAMCD Membership

Why Join TAMCD?

Join TAMCD to help build multicultural informed and supportive schools, social agencies, and communities in Tennessee. TAMCD’s 3 Year Plan includes multicultural professional development and webinars – your passport to becoming a multicultural competent counselor, teacher, administrator, social worker, therapist, pastor, or other community stake-holder.

Benefits of Joining TAMCD

  • TAMCD offers members the opportunity to be pro-active by having a voice to communicate on behalf of clients.
  • TAMCD offers an opportunity to lead and become a stronger advocate for multicultural and social justice competent professionals for better service delivery.
  • TAMCD provides an increased awareness of beliefs, values, attitudes, and biases that might limit effective practices with clients and support systems.
  • TAMCD strengthens one’s commitment to professional improvement through actions and advocacy.
  • TAMCD builds sensitivity and greater empathy toward diverse populations for better service delivery to clients and supportive systems.
  • TAMCD provides a wide array of prevention and intervention strategies to respond to the diverse needs of populations served in our multicultural-ethnic schools and communities.
  • TAMCD keeps their members engaged by offering them the opportunity to serve in board positions, on committees and in advocacy positions.  Noteworthy leadership, school counseling initiatives and awards of TAMCD members are reported in quarterly newsletters.
  • TAMCD increases one’s awareness of and confidence in the alignment of its work with core values of the Department of Justice “equal justice under the law, honesty, integrity, commitment to excellence, and respect for the worth and dignity of each human being” (Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964).