TASGW Charter Membership

The TASGW Leadership is proud to announce that those individuals who have invested in the TASGW Membership from the founding of the TASGW Division within TCA and continue membership through five years (November 24. 2014 through November 24, 2019) will be considered Charter Members.

Gallegos, Hilary A.

Pruett, Kitty Shanks

Bohanan, Summer

Slicker, Ellen K.

Hanley, Covington A.

Hawk, Kelly E.

Raborn, Autumn Rose

Bundy, Mike

Wycheck, Deanna

Burke, Jackson Tyler

Bagwell, Stephanie Lynn

Cappiello, Ashley Brooke

Chambers, Chantal

Lee, Robin W.

Grindstaff, Taylor

Merkel, Kelly

Gregory, Margaret R.

Terneus, Sandra K.

Arthur, Kim

Coates, Katherine Elizabeth

Cagle, Tracy

McKnight, Kelsey

Smith, Heather L.

Schuler, Elizabeth Karen

Joyce, Jane S.

Guthrie, Stacey Dooley

Way, Kristen

Graves, Meredith Ann

Studer, Jeannine R.

Gregg, Andrea

Stevens, Michelle C.

Steele, Madisien Celeste

Martin, Tracy Allison

West, Chloe

Wiggins, Jade

Brewer, Carolyn Cole

Dansby, Virginia S.

Murphy Jr, Joe

Slocumb, Douglas

Quarto, Christopher

Whitehead, Shaleia Andi

Schingle, Margaret O.


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