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School counselors are uniquely trained professionals who serve as mental health professionals in public and private PreK-12 grade schools throughout Tennessee. Through direct counseling services, consultation and collaboration, leadership, and advocacy, school counselors improve academic achievement, promote positive social/emotional development, and ensure college/career readiness for all students. They are change agents who make a measurable difference for students, schools, and communities.

The Tennessee School Counseling Association (TnSCA) is the state professional association for practicing school counselors, graduate students in school counseling, school counselor educators, and interested others. Your membership in TnSCA supports advocacy for the school counseling profession across the state and contributes to your own professional growth through professional development, networking opportunities, and exclusive consultation services.

Counselor Spotlight: July, 2020

The Tennessee School Counseling Association (TnSCA) is proud to showcase counselors who demonstrate excellence in their work with students. As such, Yuricka Rice has been nominated for our Counselor Spotlight. Her nominator had the following words to say about Yuricka:

“In response to this pandemic, Yuricka showed efforts that went well beyond her job description. She was very proactive in ensuring the students received food during this time. She not only organized a time for parents to come to get food for their students, but she and her team also drove to the student's houses to deliver to the families that were unable to make it to the school during the designated time frame.”

When asked about effective practices, Yuricka shares:

“One practice that I tend to implement when working with students includes demonstrating true and genuine care and concern for their overall well-being. I take the moment to try and understand what they are saying as well as what they are "not". In this, I am given the opportunity to build a trusting rapport with him/her for a better chance to encourage success in their academic and social emotional growth.”

When asked about favorite resources, Yuricka states:

“My favorite resource is people! When we work together as a team, success is inevitable. My current team is a great example of "teamwork". Strong and supportive! No one person can help others be successful alone. Success is not about reinventing the wheel, you just have to be willing to reach out and talk to people. We all have different strengths, and when we put those strengths together everyone wins!”

Yuricka’s words of wisdom:

The advice I would give to new counselors is to stay encouraged. Don't lose focus or hope. Remember the bigger picture. What you do and say to your students really matters. Just when you think they didn't hear you, an opportunity presents itself to let you know your encouraging word or act of kindness truly made a difference for them.”

Favorite quotes:

“First, remember why you chose your profession, and approach each day with the same zeal you displayed the moment you took the position.

Second, keep an open mind, and give the students you work with the same opportunity.

Finally, treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't just say this, do this!!”

Thank you Yuricka for all that you do to meet student needs! Do you have a Tennessee school counselor you would like to spotlight? Click HERE to submit their information. 



Call for Action

One of the purposes of The Tennessee School Counseling Association is to “insure that there shall be no discrimination against any individual in this organization on the basis of race, color, creed, handicap, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, or age, and to urge individuals and groups outside the organization to pursue the same policy”.

Both ASCA and ACA ethical codes call for counselors to advocate for oppressed groups and individuals. As such, TnSCA call for an end to recent discriminatory acts against Black people. While this list is not exhaustive, recent incidents involve Christian Cooper, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

It is also important to consider the traumatic effects of these events on the Black community. As we are working with these students and families, we must consider how sociocultural events and systematic oppression impacts their functioning. In a similar vein, we must also consider the impact on our Black colleagues and the weight of these emotional labors. It is difficult to hold space for our Black students and families as we are hurting ourselves. This is not the time to be silent- this is the time to express your support through words and actions.

The following resources may be beneficial in your efforts:

Our role is important….let’s impact change!
With love,
Dr. Eva Gibson, Interim President
Tennessee School Counseling Association 



Coffee with the Counselors

We would love to connect with our Tennessee school counselors to offer one another support. Please join us for our “Coffee with the Counselors” session on May 13 at 1:00 CST.

Please click HERE to register. Access information will be sent to registered attendees prior to May 13. 


Eva Gibson, Interim President

Tennessee School Counseling Association



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