TACES recognizes the achievements of outstanding members in six categories: 

1) TACES Legacy League (located under separate heading)
2) Dr. Charles Thompson Counselor Educator award
3) Dr. Beryl West Advocate/Humanitarian award
4) TACES Emerging Leader award
5) TACES Outstanding Doctoral Student award
6) TACES Outstanding Field Supervisor award


Nominations must be received by October 1st, 2019 by midnight.  Please submit the Letter of Nomination via email with the subject line “TACES Award Nomination” to: TACES President at [email protected] 

 Awards Descriptions and Nomination Information Here


Awards Committee: Dr. Sandy Terneus (Chair),  Dr. Jay Tift (TACES President),Dr. Steve Zanskas (TACES Past-President), Dr. Rebekah Byrd (Representative of East Tennessee), Dr. Michelle Welch Brasfield (Representative of West Tennessee)

Dr. Charles Thompson Counselor Educator Award

Dr. Charles L. Thompson, formerly of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, was named Counselor Educator-Supervisor of the Year by the American Mental Health Counselors Association in 1996.

The Dr. Charles Thompson Counselor Award recognizes exemplary professionals in the realm of academia who have a commitment to counselor education and supervision. The recipients of this award have demonstrated commendable involvement in areas of academic responsibilities such as teaching and supervision, scholarly research and publications, professional service, and have a reputation for positive teaching and beneficial student advising.

Recipients of the
Dr. Charles Thompson Counselor Educator Award include:

2017   Dr. Thurman Webb
2016   Dr. Carolyn Brewer
2015   Dr. Joel Diambra
2014   Dr. LuAnnette Butler
2013   Dr. Nancy Nishimura
2011   Dr. Jeannine Studer
2009   Dr. Robin Wilbourn Lee
2007   Dr. Ginny Dansby


Dr. Beryl West Advocate/Humanitarian Award

Dr. Beryl West was a former professor in the Psychology Department at Middle Tennessee State University. During his tenure at MTSU, Dr. West founded and served as the faculty advisor for the Black Student Union and Psi Chi/Psychology Club, and helped to establish the MTSU Multicultural Affairs Committee, MTSU Woman’s Center, and the Tennessee High School Teachers of Psychology Association.

The TACES Dr. Beryl West Advocate/Humanitarian Award recognizes individuals whose vision, advocacy, and mentorship impacts students, colleagues, and/or the community in extensive ways. Recipients of this award have demonstrated willingness and dedication to engage in humanitarian civil duties that promote the welfare of others beyond what is normally expected through efforts to benefit clients, counselor education, and supervision.

Recipients of the
Dr. Beryl West Advocate/Humanitarian Award include:

2017   Dr. Kiesa Kelly
2016   Dr. Robin Lee
2015   Leigh Bagwell
2014   Dr. Marisa White
2013   Dr. Jim Gray
2009   Nicole Cobb


TACES Emerging Leader Awards

The TACES Emerging Leader Award recognizes talented individuals who are showing exceptional progress in the early stages of their professional careers, specifically in the role of counselor educator or supervisor through professional service. Recipients of this award have demonstrated professional outcomes at an early career stage and continue to evolve as a professional leader to advance/enhance the counseling profession. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding professional performance through collaborative leadership and research, exceptional advocacy, innovative teaching strategies, or outstanding supervisory practices.

Recipients of the TACES Emerging Leader Award include:

2015  Dr. Denis’ Thomas
Dr. Anna Edgeston & Jonie Oliver
2013  Stephanie Gotay

TACES Outstanding Doctoral Student Awards

The TACES Outstanding Doctoral Student Award recognizes doctoral students who exceed the already typically high demands of doctoral work in a counselor education program in the state of Tennessee. Recipients of this award have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, teaching, supervision, clinical work, service, program development, leadership, and/or advocacy for disadvantaged students, clients or the counseling profession.

Recipients of the TACES Outstanding Doctoral Student Award include:

2018   Frances E. Fachilla (Trevecca Nazarene University)
2017   Rachael Marshall (University of Tennessee – Knoxville)
2015   Suzie Dukic (Carson-Newman University)
2010   Christina Mick & Blair Mynatt
2009   Shemika Harris


TACES Outstanding Field Supervisor Award

The TACES Outstanding Field Supervisor Award was created to honor the mentoring relationship bestowed by a supervisor to a student or new professional in the field supervisory capacity.  Mentoring is a unique educational experience and a pertinent learning method which directly influences the advancement and confirmation of professional competency.  The mentoring compositions of knowledge, personal wisdom, and compassion transcends from the supervisor, to the practitioner, and to the client.  Therefore, the dual collaboration inherent in the continuing professional development of the student or new professional and the clinical success and welfare of the client(s) is recognized by exemplary supervisory skills. 

 Outstanding supervisory performance might include, but is not limited to, any of the following:  ethically and consistently treats all parties with respect and integrity, communicates goals and expectations clearly, empowers supervisees to achieve his/her best and suggests tools for achievement, provides constructive feedback in a timely manner, holds supervisees accountable, and maintains and safeguards the integrity of the client(s).

 A “field supervisor” includes any professional who supervises graduate students as well as post graduate individual who are seeking licensure.

The recipient of the Outstanding Field Supervisor Award will receive one-year paid memberships to TACES and TCA. 


Recipients of the TACES Outstanding Field Supervisor Award include:


2018  Bethany Erb